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At Harvest Ministries, we make every effort to select songs that everyone can sing. Our primary focus is lyrics that honor God and music that is easy to catch on to. We enjoy many of the familiar worship songs of today, as well as hymns that have served the church through the ages. We seek to find songs that best fit our congregation.Our worship team leads us each Sunday, serving out of love for Jesus Christ and the church. We strive to reach a balance between humility, following the example of Christ; and excellence, believing that God deserves our best efforts to honor Him. Our worship team, including many that serve in behind-the-scenes roles, put in many hours to make Harvest Ministries services happen week after week. If you attend Harvest Ministries and you are gifted in music, or with audio and video technical skills, contact Associate Pastor Mike Golden to see how you can be involved in worship ministry.

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